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13 Jul 2016

These are the Pokémon Go cheats, tricks, and cheats you want now!

It is not safe to go alone.

Welcome to the life Pokémon Trainer, after level 5. It does not matter if you are Mystic, Instinct, or Valor now, it is a war zone out there. You have it recovered for another team before you make it down the road and can take over a Health Club in many places. It is extreme, exciting, and you could end up at an extremely real disadvantage if you are not always playing.

Unless, obviously, you've this guide helping you out. Are you prepared for this?

Concentrate on throw bonuses

It does not matter how high your degree is, Curveball bonuses and scoring Excellent Throw add up fast. Activate a Blessed Egg knowing you are going to sit in an Entice...